A giant micro editor

Micro is more of an editor for the terminal, but this has something else, supported the mouse cursor to besides the other functions all like code highlighting and scrolling.

It's been a must have in linux distributions that I use. For those who use Termux then it is a Must have.

Unfortunately for ubuntu users this is not found in the repositories but can install it easily by getting the script and running the command :

curl https://getmic.ro | Bash

This command will detect the S.O. version. and download the correct version, but only that, you will take the micro in the directory where you executed the command above and run it using ./micro file name.

I personally prefer to always have it with me and copy the micro to the bin folder.

cp sudo micro /usr/bin

So you can always use the micro without having to have the prefix './'.

To install in Termux is easier because it is already in the repository

apt install micro

And it's done 😉

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