Hello world!

Because it will be necessary to start from scratch, this will be the well-known "Hello World!".

This article is no longer good besides marking the first heartbeat of the Blog 😉

A giant micro editor

Micro is more of an editor for the terminal, but this has something else, supported the mouse cursor to besides the other functions all like code highlighting and scrolling. It's been a must have in linux distributions that I use. For those who use Termux then it is a Must have. Unfortunately for ubuntu users … [Read more…]

Fish a friendly terminal

As a daily user of linux like to use the terminal, sometimes it becomes monotonous and annoying to have to write all commands, yes if load tab it auto complete … but if it had a stronger and more user-friendly terminal ? Fish is a terminal that does everything others do and more: obviously you … [Read more…]

Run a Linux terminal on Android

It's been a few years since, but my needs have only just made me look for something similar. The terminal I speak is simply speaking, a terminal emulator and Linux Environment installed on your android device without having to have your device 'routed'